MSA 'Commemorative Diamond Anniversary'

In its 60th year, the Miramichi Salmon Association has grown to become far more than just a group of salmon anglers, and far more as well than just a home-grown community loyal to their favorite river. The MSA mission statement: Global-class leadership, stewardship and conservation practices for the Miramichi Watershed to continuously preserve and advance its environmental integrity for the benefit of all species, in particular the Atlantic salmon.

Jacques's selection of colors for the MSA 'Commemorative Diamond Anniversary', a featherwing salmon fly, are of special significance to the Miramichi Salmon Association, celebrating 60 years of conservation:

Silver tag illustrates the life and the history of a fresh silver Atlantic salmon, the King of Gamefish;

Blue butt is a color that communicates constancy and it is also symbolic of the devotion from numerous volunteers who help the MSA reach in his mission and also the official color of the MSA;

Diamond body symbolizes the MSA 60th anniversary;

Brown underwing as reminder of the tea colored Miramichi River;

Yellow, orange, green and red featherwing to represent the beautiful fall colors of the Miramichi region and the spawning season of Atlantic salmon;

Yellow hackle is a color that speaks to the future with hope and optimism and also one of the NB official colors;

Jungle cock on the cheeks symbolizes a touch of class to the celebrations of the MSA 60th anniversary.