The QCCC Salmon Fly

The Quality Control Council of Canada (QCCC) is a joint venture between the Intrnl Brotherhood of Boilermakers (IBB) & the United Association of the Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Industry of Canada (UA), and is recognized as the designated Union to represent non-destructive testing and field heat treatment technicians across Canada.

Jacques's selection of colors for the QCCC, a hairwing salmon fly, are of special significance to the Quality Control Council of Canada:

Gold tag to reflect the five Canadian regions, Pacific, Prairies, Central, Québec and Atlantic

Yellow Butt for their negotiation of the "Quality Control Agreement" with Non-destructive Testing Management Association

Purple body for specially trained and highly skilled technicians

Black wing illustrating their critical function within the Construction and Manufacturing Industries in Canada

Brown throat representing approximately 70 Union contractors.